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Since 1867, four generations, my family tries to give an answer and a sense to the work of those who had dedicaded their lives to Time and to the vital need to mesure it. The fleeting of the subject, thet brings to the cosmo’s and human’s mystery, it has developed theories, with Greek and Oriental thinkers, with Sant’Agostino, Newton, Spinoza, Kant, Bergson and Einstein.

The thought’s evolution, the technological innovations, the studies led by great Physicians (Galileo and C.Huygens, just to mention two)

and the craftsmen ability pushed to clockwork to be one of the intellectual arts able to run along and in some cases to be ahead of the real necessities of time.

Alive evidences, the magnificent examples of surviving clocks have determined the time’s inter- val, the event’s length lived by rich noble French under the court of king Sun, by politicians or by an applicant to the exclusive guild of watchmakers in Augsburg, with a clock he demostranted to know how to build and in which the astronomical func- tion prevailed over the mechanic.

The team’s work of architectes, bronzers, goldsmiths and chasers, cabinet makers, ceramists, enamel- lists, painters is upstream of the rich production of highest exemplary, where everyone desires, in the freedom of movement. Finally, motive spring’s invention makes possible to wear the perfect me- asurement of quart’s movement of nowadays.

Collecting and promoting instruments or time’s devices is like to meet the model of an important work of art, belonged to ancient or modern times, but still alive in eternity.

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